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Elev8 seeds- Baked apple cherries

Elev8 seeds- Baked apple cherries

Type: HybridFlowering: 8-9 WeeksYield: Very HighPotency: Very HighGenetics: Apple Fritter x Cherry PieSeed Type: Feminized

We chose to do an Apple Fritter line because it is one of those rare strains that has it all. Its been tested as high as 32% THC, is a great yielder with tons of vigor and a flowering time as short as 8 weeks. The terpene profile has been described as sweet and earthy, with a light cheesy apple pastry influence.

There have been many cuts of Cherry Pie that have floated around over the years but there is only one original. The original, short-structured Cherry Pie is closely guarded and difficult to obtain. Cherry Runtz was made with the one-and-only original Cherry Pie. The legendary Cherry Pie was named after its smell and taste which is reminiscent of cherry pie with a hint of spice. Expect the average phenotype to produce highly potent big yields, average height and loud terpenes.

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