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Elev8 seeds- Lemon snow cone

Elev8 seeds- Lemon snow cone

Type: Indica Dominant

Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

Yield: Good

Potency: Very potent

Genetics: Lemon Tree x Super Lemon Haze

Seed Type: Regular

I believe Lemon Snow Cone is the loudest, lemoniest, lemon strain in seed form on the planet.
The super lemon haze male I used came from genetics gifted from a private breeder that had worked it since Super Lemon Haze first came out. It was hands down the best Super Lemon Haze I have ever encountered. Ridiculously potent and delicious loud buttery lemon terpenes.
Super Lemon Haze is only one of two strains to win back to back High Times Cannabis cups. It has racked up a long list of awards and is listed by High Times as one of the greatest strains of all time.
Lemon Tree is a tightly held elite cut from California that is to lemon terpenes what Tangie is to orange terpenes. It smells and tastes like a freshly cut lemon. Lemon Tree has also won numerous awards and is prized for its lemony terpene content.
Super Lemon Haze brought some potency and stability to the cross. Because Super Lemon Haze has its own loud lemon terpene profile, none of the lemon zest of the Lemon Tree was diluted.  
Growers Note: These seeds are a limited release of F2’s. Because they are first-generation, they had a lot of hybrid vigor but expressed varying phenotypes that ranged widely from Super Lemon Haze dominant to Lemon Tree dominant. All phenos have a lemon smell to varying degrees.
The more moderate yielding, shorter phenos have an extremely loud lemon profile. Someone that wants weed that is the highest connoisseur grade possible that is completely unique and unforgettable will lean towards that pheno. About a third of the phenos seem to fit in this category.
There were some very large yielding phenos that seem to be more Sativa influenced. A few of them stacked large colas coated in trichomes. They all have a lemon smell to varying degrees but less than the smaller phenos. Someone that wants an excellent lemon strain for production would lean towards this pheno. About a third of the phenos fit this category. Another third of the phenos are undesirable.
Despite Lemon Tree’s tendency to herm if stressed, I saw no herm traits in any Lemon Snow Cone plant due to the stability of the Super Lemon Haze.
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