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NWG Genetics- Lemon Tree Photo Fem 5 package

NWG Genetics- Lemon Tree Photo Fem 5 package

Lemon Tree Photo Fem 5 Pack

NEW RELEASE lemon skunk hybrid x sour diesel

The strain of Lemon tree has been around for around 16 years now. Originating out of Santa Cruz by skaters. It is best known for public awareness from winning High times, Seattle and emerald cup since 2014 to present day. A lemon Skunk x Sour Diesel.

The Lemon tree most stable strain is produced by (Sha Bud)

Mother-Lemon x lemon x

Father-Lemon Dawg

You can resource several breeders that label the Lemon tree strains on the market today, to name just a few crosses as follows.

Vegas Lemon Skunk x SD

Lemon skunk x skunk #1 x SD

Lemon x Geist OG

The sour Diesel which has a family lineage of Northern Lights and Chem dawg. Have other variations by breeders involved producing the SD strain as you can research as well. There are many labeling the Lemon tree as follows.

*Sugar Tree

*Greenpoint seeds

*Crop King seeds

*Medicine man seeds

You will find many other same labeled strains out there that are duplicated strains such as- Cinderella 99, Northern Lights, Skunk haze just to name a few and many others.

While we are very proud of the genetics we produce. We consult with other large breeders very well known when we release strains with like names We also will never have an interest in cups with our feminized lines.
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